"The jeans worn when first we met"
mixed technique on canvas 70 x 90 cms

Sara and Giorgio chose to entrust me with the pair of jeans that Sara was wearing on the day of their first encounter at the seaside.

I used a real fragment of a pocket, piecing everything together around the garment with paint, immagining that from the other pocket, as if from a tiny casket full of promises of love, small shells found moments before on the sand peeped out.

"This painting is not solely a beautiful object; for us it symbolises a story and a mutual vow that we delight in renewing day by day"

Sara & Giorgio

"Grandfather painter’s waistcoat"
mixed technique on canvas 60 x 80 cms

Alice entrusted to me a fragment of fabric from the waistcoat of her beloved grandfather, a painter as she herself is, so that I could make a “new” yet at the same time “old” artwork to keep by her side in her art studio.

The waistcoat evokes memories of the affectionate fantasy, the vigourous brushstrokes of the dearly loved artist and grandfather. She recognises and remembers the thousand nuances on his palette, all of his teachings and the marvellous moments spent with him as he mixed his colours.

"Each time I look at that waistcoat I relive the familiarity of my grandfather’s gestures and I feel his presence beside me as I paint in my studio. It is lovely to see it move on the canvas, it almost appears to dance!"

Alice P.

"My first time shirt"
mixed technique on canvas 70 x 90 cms

Paola has chosen a life dedicated to music: both singer and composer, she writes all of her own songs.

She brought me the shirt she wore on the evening of her first concert and asked me to transform it into a work of art : her aim, never to forget her beginnings, the effort and the commitment needed to transform her passion into work, the many trips across Europe searching for an opportunity.

"It has now become my lucky charm: it helps me to keep going when times are tough and inspires me as I write words and music. Preserving that moment in time for ever, the start of everything, means never forgetting how much work and how much passion I put into these years"

Paola R.

artist Gloria Forti
Gloria Forti

Tuscany, Italy
embroidered paintings and more

Gloria Forti has exhibited her work in numerous private galleries and public premises since the 1970s, attracting considerable interest. Her artworks are crafted adopting particular and unusual techniques (painting and collage, fragments and ready-made, hyper-realism and abstraction) which tumble over each other in an ironic and playful narrative that aims both to surprise and to invite reflection. Her artistry today is the result of her experience developed over time with her notable work on the study of traditional techniques and the reproduction of Fleming classics which she herself has undertaken for many years.



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